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10 Winter Activities to Fill Up Those Chilly Days

November 15, 2021

Until we're back to warm weather, beaches, and barbeques, you may find yourself wondering how to fill up these cold winter months. When the boredom strikes this winter, we have ideas to keep you busy all season long! 

1. Host a dinner party: Cook your favorite cozy meal, invite a few of your favorite people, and grab your favorite bottle of wine. We recommend a nice Merlot.

2. Get some holiday shopping done: Make it a whole day activity. Grab some hot chocolate, walk around, and cross one thing off your to do list.

3. Backyard bonfire: Never leave the comfort of your own home in the chilly weather. Make sure you settle in with a little bit of hot chocolate and a blanket.

4. Bake your favorite pie: There are so many to chose from. Take your pick!

5. Make candy apples: It’s easier than you think. This can be a sweet treat to give out to your friends and family, or just save for yourself. Either way, it’s a great time.

6. Host a holiday movie night: Put some snacks out and put on a movie. This will be a guaranteed hit. If you can help it, try to stick to the classics.

7. Winter cleaning: Same idea as Spring cleaning! Rummage through your clothes and donate whatever you want to get rid of. It’ll transform your space from cluttered to clean and create a helpful habit to start every season off with.

8. Have a board game night: Make a cup of tea, put a slice of that pie you baked on a plate, and sit down to a game of Monopoly with friends or family. You will be surprised with how competitive the night gets. 

9. Go backyard camping: Want to do something fun without having to leave your home? Pitch a tent in your backyard and light a bonfire. It will feel like a true camping trip without even leaving the property. Don’t worry, at the end of the night you’re allowed to go back inside to sleep.

10. Make homemade holiday decorations: Pick up some wooden figures from the craft store, paint, and whatever else you want to decorate with to make your very own decorations. This is an activity to save for when the kids have a snow day.