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Getting to the Green

Would you like to improve your (financial) game? Altair M. Gobo, a partner at U.S. Financial Services, LLC, and a frequent guest on major news outlets, has written Getting to the Green, a book about the many things golf, financial planning, and life have in common. In these entertaining and illuminating pages, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating a game plan: goals and strategies
  • Avoiding hazards: risk management
  • Using the right equipment: your portfolio
  • Working on your “long” and “short” games
  • Minimizing your expenses
  • Practicing discipline: Keeping your eye on the ball
  • Working on your follow-through
  • Maintaining flexibility
  • Choosing your shots carefully
  • Building your team
  • Becoming a lifelong student of the game

Available Now on Amazon: All Profits Donated to Charity

A fun and easy read, this book makes a great gift for friends and colleagues and all profits are donated to charity. “In my attempt to demystify the challenges of golf, wealth management, and life in general, I dedicate this book to all the weekend warriors who come out for a day of fun with their buddies to enjoy this wonderful game. Hopefully, the demystification of wealth management will provide them, and you, with more time to play and live life today, while being confident about tomorrow!” Have a look inside the book.