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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Your Child Will Love

November 07, 2023

Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and creativity. If you're looking for a way to engage your children in the holiday spirit, why not try some fun and easy Thanksgiving craft ideas? Not only will these crafts keep your little ones entertained, but they will also help teach them about the importance of giving thanks. In this blog post, we will explore three exciting craft ideas that are perfect for children during the Thanksgiving season.

Turkey Handprint Cards

One classic Thanksgiving craft idea that never gets old is making turkey handprint cards. This craft is not only adorable but also allows your child to leave a personal touch on their creation. To make these cards, you will need some construction paper, markers, and googly eyes. Start by tracing your child's hand onto a piece of brown construction paper and cut it out. Then, fold a blank card in half and glue the handprint onto the front, with the fingers pointing downwards to resemble feathers. Let your child decorate the turkey's body using markers and add googly eyes to bring it to life. These handmade cards can be given to family and friends, spreading love and gratitude during the holiday season.

Gratitude Tree

Teaching children about gratitude is an essential part of Thanksgiving. A gratitude tree is a wonderful craft that helps children express their appreciation for the blessings in their lives. To create a gratitude tree, gather some construction paper, scissors, and tape. Cut out a tree trunk and branches from brown construction paper and tape it to a wall or a poster board. Then, cut out leaf shapes from different colored construction paper. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, encourage your child to write down something they are thankful for on a leaf and tape it onto the tree. By the end of the month, the tree will be adorned with colorful leaves filled with gratitude, serving as a daily reminder of all the things your child is thankful for.

Paper Plate Pilgrims

Another fun and easy Thanksgiving craft idea for children is making paper plate pilgrims. This craft allows your child to create their own little characters representing the early settlers of America. To make paper plate pilgrims, you will need some paper plates, construction paper, markers, and glue. Start by cutting out a pilgrim hat from black construction paper and a collar from white construction paper. Glue the hat and collar onto the back of the paper plate, creating the pilgrim's head and neck. Then, use markers to draw a face with eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the front of the plate. Your child can also add details such as a hat buckle or a bowtie to make their pilgrim unique. These paper plate pilgrims can be displayed on the Thanksgiving dinner table or used as decorations around the house.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and reflect on the things we are grateful for. Engaging children in Thanksgiving crafts not only allows them to express their creativity but also helps them understand the meaning behind the holiday. Whether it's making turkey handprint cards, creating a gratitude tree, or crafting paper plate pilgrims, these activities are sure to bring joy and a sense of gratitude to your home during the Thanksgiving season. So, gather your art supplies and get ready for some holiday-inspired fun with your children!