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This Day in History - February

February 01, 2022

“The future is not something to predict. The future is something to build.” – Franco Ongaro

We hope you and your families are enjoying 2022 so far! Let’s take a look back on the important events that shaped the life we know today- and be excited for what this year has to bring.

February 1st, 1913

The Grand Central Station has its grand opening.

February 2nd,1653

New Amsterdam becomes a city, later renamed “New York”.

February 3rd, 1913

The United States starts the Income Tax.

February 4th, 1938

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie is released.

February 5th, 1958

The movie Peter Pan is released.

February 6th, 1862

The Battle of Fort Henry in the US Civil War takes place.

February 7th, 1964

The Beatles first came to the United States.

February 8th, 1971

The start of the NASDAQ market index.

February 9th, 1960

The Hollywood Walk of Fame begins.

February 10th, 1863

The fire extinguisher is invented by Alanson Crane.

February 11th, 1752

The first hospital in the United States opens in Pennsylvania.

February 12th, 1879

The first artificial ice rink in the United States is open for use.

February 13th, 1880

Thomas Edison discovers the Edison effect.

February 14th, 2000

The first spacecraft orbits an asteroid.

February 15th, 1998

Dale Earnhardt wins the Daytona 500.

February 16th, 1968

9-1-1 phone service goes into effect.

February 17th, 1867

The first ship passes through the Suez Canal.

February 18th, 1953

The first ever 3D movie is played.

February 19th, 1913

Prizes were now included in every box of Cracker Jacks.

February 20th, 1872

The Metropolitan Museum of Art officially opened in New York City.

February 21st, 1848

The first telephone book is created and issued.

February 22nd, 1980

The United States Olympic Hockey Team defeats Russia and is later referred to as the “Miracle on Ice”.

February 23rd, 1904

The United States gains control over the Panama Canal Zone.

February 24th, 1970

The National Public Radio (NPR) is founded.

February 25th, 1933

The first aircraft carrier is launched, known as the USS Ranger.

February 26th, 1935

Robert-Watson Watt shows his demonstration of RADAR for the first time.

February 27th, 1974

People Magazine is published for the first time ever.

February 28th, 1940

Basketball is televised for the first time.