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Top Pizza Places in New Jersey

Top Pizza Places in New Jersey

January 24, 2024

When it comes to pizza, New Jersey is known for its delicious and diverse options. From thin crust to deep dish, there is something for everyone's taste buds. If you're a pizza lover in the Garden State, you're in luck!

1. Tony's Pizza

Located in the heart of Jersey City, Tony's Pizza is a local favorite. With its authentic Italian flavors and generous toppings, it's no wonder why this place is always bustling with customers. Whether you're in the mood for a classic Margherita or a unique specialty pie, Tony's Pizza has got you covered. Don't forget to try their famous garlic knots too!

2. Pete's Pizzeria

If you find yourself in Hoboken, make sure to stop by Pete's Pizzeria for a pizza experience like no other. Known for their thin and crispy crusts, Pete's offers a wide range of toppings to suit any palate. From their classic pepperoni to their gourmet combinations, every slice is a mouthwatering delight. Plus, the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make Pete's a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.

3. Luigi's Pizza

When it comes to old-school charm and traditional flavors, Luigi's Pizza in Marlton takes the crown. This family-owned pizzeria has been serving up perfection since 1978. Their secret lies in their homemade sauce and fresh ingredients, resulting in a crust that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Whether you opt for a classic cheese pizza or their famous Grandma's pie, Luigi's will leave you wanting more.

4. Gino's Pizza

For those craving a taste of the famous Trenton tomato pies, Gino's Pizza in Robbinsville is the place to be. Known for their thin and crispy crust, Gino's has been a local favorite for over 50 years. Their pies are topped with a generous layer of tangy tomato sauce and gooey cheese, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Be sure to try their signature tomato pie for an authentic New Jersey pizza experience.

5. Razza Pizza Artigianale

Last but not least, if you're a fan of artisanal pizza, Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City is a must-visit. This trendy spot combines traditional techniques with unique and seasonal ingredients to create extraordinary pizzas. From their wood-fired ovens to their homemade mozzarella, every detail is carefully crafted to perfection. Whether you choose a classic Margherita or their inventive mushroom and truffle pie, Razza will take your taste buds on a culinary journey.

New Jersey is a pizza lover's paradise, and these top 5 places are just a taste of the incredible options available in the state. Whether you prefer thin crust or deep dish, traditional flavors or gourmet combinations, NJ has it all. So the next time you're craving a slice, be sure to check out Tony's Pizza, Pete's Pizzeria, Luigi's Pizza, Gino's Pizza, or Razza Pizza Artigianale. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!