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Charting the Course

At U.S. Financial Services, our financial advisors help you chart a realistic course to your financial future by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue your financial and life goals. Our five-step Life Plan Navigator® process allows us to serve you independently and craft a map right for you.

Our process includes:

  1. Discovery – During your initial meeting with one of our independent financial advisors, we will determine where you are currently compared to where you want to be in the future.
  2. Exploration – Next, we will gather and analyze both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your current situation and perform a stress test on your current plan.
  3. Chart the Course – The third step involves developing a comprehensive financial plan with clear goals, time horizons and risk assessment.
  4. Setting Sail – Once you are comfortable with the chartered course, it's time to set sail and implement the plan’s strategies and recommendations.
  5. Stay the Course – The final step is ongoing. We provide you with periodic reviews and online access to help you navigate through market volatility and stay the course, no matter what changes life may bring.

One of our favorite Latin phrases is faventibus ventis, meaning favorable winds. Together, we can sail along these favorable winds to your desired destination, one step at a time.