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Strategic Investment Management

When it comes to managing your wealth, we take a holistic approach. By considering every aspect of your financial condition, we employ customized investment management strategies designed to match your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance and meet your expectations.

Our investment portfolios are designed to address:

  1. Emergency funding
  2. Cash flow required to support your lifestyle
  3. Investments needed to meet short- and long-term goals
  4. Assets that are designated to transfer wealth across generations

Investment Philosophy and Portfolios

The U.S. Financial Services, LLC, investment philosophy has evolved over time to incorporate the following principles:

  • Open access to some of the top managers and investment strategies
  • Proper diversification and adaptive asset allocation
  • Separate account management
  • Mutual fund investments to supplement separate accounts, where appropriate
  • Alternative investments
  • Active tax management and loss harvesting
  • Proactive hiring and firing of managers
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring
  • Hedging and downside protection
  • Income protection
  • Performance reporting and coordinated asset management

Are you ready to get started on your investment strategy? Give us a call at (973) 882-3600 or fill out the Free Consultation form to get started today.